Project planning

Planning for your dental office is, in many ways, the most critical step of the entire process. Primus offers a step-by-step, proven approach to help you navigate the steps of planning your new dental office project including:

Vision Casting

Our propriety Vision Casting Guide has been developed to help you think critically about the goals and objectives of your project. Why are you doing it? What do you want to accomplish? What is your vision for your practice? Everyone has different hopes, different dreams, different philosophies of practice, and working through our Vision Casting Guide helps both you and us better understand what direction your project will take.

Selecting & Securing Your Location

Deciding where to locate your office is a major decision and one that will have a significant impact on your practice. For doctors considering a new location Primus will help identify and evaluate your options. Whether it’s a lease space, existing building, or vacant ground, we will help you choose the best location for your practice. Using our Site Selector Tool and demographic analysis (if appropriate), we can systematically evaluate options with you and perform all necessary due diligence on any properties if you decide to explore in more detail. Once your location in chosen, Primus and our industry-specific real estate partners will help finalize the lease or purchase agreement, ensuring you get the best deal possible.

Establishing Your Project Team

Few things will have more impact on the success of your project than surrounding yourself with a good team. This team should consist of people you trust, and ideally people that understand the ins and outs of dental practices. Depending on the type of project your team should include people to help with:

  1. financing
  2. property selection/real estate
  3. dental equipment
  4. architecture
  5. information technology
  6. interior design
  7. construction
  8. consulting (practice management, accountant, attorney)

The real value to you in working with us is that we fill a number of these roles, providing property selection, architecture, interior design and construction services—all in one company. Our integrated approach save you time and money and helps limit the number of contacts you have to manage during your project. We can also introduce you to dental-specific advisors to further build your team if needed. Pulling from our vast network within the dental community we can suggest financing, IT, and consulting partners that will help guarantee the success of your project.

Office Design Envisioning

How do you want to practice dentistry in your new office? What is your vision for your office?  Everyone has a slightly different way of answering these questions. Our Envisioning process will help you think strategically about every aspect of your office, from the number of chairs you want to the size and color of the drawer pulls in the break room! And remember, we expect you to be experts in providing dental care, not designing a dental office. Our design team—whose sole focus is designing dental offices—will guide you through every step of the Envisioning process. Working directly with your project architect, every aspect of your office design will be discussed. You will share your vision for your office, and this vision will be developed into your office design in the Architecture phase of our process.