Are You a Leader or a Manager?

By November 13, 2014Dental Construction Blog

Management is defined as coordinating a set of defined tasks. Good managers learn to do this faster and cheaper than their competitors. But, is this the only way to a successful practice?

Of course not.

Primus leadership 300x200 - Are You a Leader or a Manager?

Leadership Is Risky Business

Leadership is about building a business team and then “getting out of your own way.” According to Seth Godin, real leadership is about overseeing the growth (and failure) of your team and your company as you progress toward your goal.

Leadership Means Trusting Your Team

I’ve found this informative and inspirational video by Seth Godin about the true difference between managing a business and leading a business. I hope it helps you!

Don’t wait for external forces (like the economy) to become your best practice! Focus on what you can do right now!



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