Taken A Selfie Lately? The Dental Geek Blog Will Donate a Dollar for Every Selfie Submitted

Calling all dentists! There’s a partnership between the American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA) and the Dental Geek Blog to raise funds for the ADHA’s Institute for Oral Health(IOH).

What’s it all about?Primus Dental Design - The IOH supports quality research and education

The people at The Dental Geek Blog want you to upload a group selfie of you and your team (#TheDentalGeekSelfie), and for every photo submitted, they’ll donate $1 to the IOH. You’re invited to participate whether you’re in the dental office, on the marketing team, or even in the dental lab!

We encourage you to get involved with this great cause and give back to the dental community. The IOH does some incredible things for the dental profession, including:

– Educational scholarships
– Research grants
– Community service grants

Learn more about this opportunity to serve the community here!


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