6 Ways to Effectively Use Content Marketing for Your Dental Practice

By September 26, 2014Dental Construction Blog

If you market your dental business proficiently, you’ve probably heard of content marketing — or maybe you haven’t, and in that case I’ll break it down for you!

Primus Dental Design Content Marketing Platforms 300x273 - 6 Ways to Effectively Use Content Marketing for Your Dental PracticeContent Marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience—with the objective of driving profitable customer action,” according to the Content Marketing Institute.

It’s All about the Social Media Network!

Effective content marketing can be a great tool to use across all social media platforms, and not just your business’ website.

Online marketing of your dental practice creates a successful path for you to meet and guide others, by way of your content, to your website. According to a study conducted by the Pew Research Center, 89 percent of US adults use the internet, and approximately 70 percent of internet surfers have and use some form of social media.

That’s a lot of people using the internet, and a giant potential audience! So how do you bring them to your business’ page?  Well, first (if you haven’t already) you’ll need to sign up for one (or more) social media accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter.

Then, you can follow this basic guide to help make your content campaign successful.

  • Create content that is useful, educational, and above all else, not boring. Providing content that is valuable to your audience is an extremely important marketing strategy. Keep a good mix of benefit-based content and engaging content in your material repertoire to actively entertain your followers.

  • Always remember the 80/20 rule when it comes to promoting your business.  According to HubSpot, “Eighty percent of the time,you should be sharing non-promotional content. The other 20 percent of time, promote your brand’s butt off.”

  • It’s about quality, not quantity. Posting actively is essential, and one to two posts a day result in positive interaction, whereas over-posting (three or more daily posts) actually has a negative impact, according to a study by Buddy Media.

  • Always include a call to action. People are ten times more likely to click or share your content when a call to action is included.

  • Set goals and expectations. Then use analytics to evaluate your content strategy successes and re-evaluate those areas that didn’t meet your expectations.

  • Think adaptation. A successful step to content marketing is to leverage multiple online platforms within all your content. With that said, also make sure you are following the best practices for each social media platform.

    Creating, Distributing, Satisfying

    Content marketing is more than just creating content. It’s about the effectiveness your content has when it reaches your potential audience, or in this case, your patients.

    Don’t be afraid to mix it up and keep it interesting, either. Cultivate your dental practice’s social media with knowledgeable yet entertaining marketing content. It will be a positive boost to your online presence!


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