Building in the Winter: What Can You Do to Speed it Up?

By January 8, 2014Dental Construction Blog
EPWORTH FAMILY DENTISTRY 20 - Building in the Winter: What Can You Do to Speed it Up?


I know, I know. That isn’t the answer you were hoping to get. I’m sure you wanted to hear that “with three easy steps, you can get your dental office built in no time flat, despite those hurricane force winds and below freezing temperatures!”

The Cold Hard Truth About the Cold Season

The reality of the situation is that cold and wet weather really does change how construction is done. It can still move forward but it will be slower and it will be a little more expensive.

– We have to protect the ground from frost or heat the site up if it has already frozen.
– Any concrete work, sidewalks, foundations, parking lots, need to be done with special additives to help the concrete cure properly.
– Masonry work requires a temporary enclosure around the construction area so that the materials will set and adhere correctly.
– Temporary heat must be added to the building when drywall is hung and finished so it will cure properly.
– Other adjustments in working conditions due to temperature, hazards, lack of lighting, etc. must be made.

Basically, the big take away is that we often do construction during the winter but it requires extra effort and time.

What CAN You Do?

primus dental winter plan 300x203 - Building in the Winter: What Can You Do to Speed it Up?

There is something that you can do to help your dental office build go smoothly and quickly, and that’s to avoid winter altogether. (This is a trade secret so I hope you appreciate my honesty!)

Practically speaking, we encourage our clients to start their projects as early in the year as possible, ideally during the second quarter. If you think you might be interested in building a new office, don’t hesitate! Call us as soon as possible and start the planning and design process. We can help you decide if it is feasible and what will work with your goals and budget.

It’s January now, the perfect time to start planning your new dental office. Don’t wait until July because by the time you are done with the design, planning, and financing stages – it’s going to be toward the end of the year and in the thick of winter weather!

I hope to hear from you soon so we can start working toward your 2014 goals for growing your business!


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