Does Your Dental Team Make the Honor Roll?

By September 15, 2014Dental Construction Blog

Primus Dental Design A+ 300x300 - Does Your Dental Team Make the Honor Roll?Reading through some dental articles this week, I stumbled upon one that really caught my attention. It was by an author named Tawana Coleman. She is a practice development trainer with more than twenty years of experience teaching dental practices how to dramatically increase their annual production.

After reading through the entire article, I can see why she is so successful! She breaks down the evaluation process every dental practice should be using, and teaches how to build a solid team and a productive business.

Where It Counts

Ms. Coleman covers both practical and essential aspects of a successful dental practice team, and the necessary steps a practice should take to become an exceptional practice instead of just a good practice.

She recommends conducting in-office evaluations with her systematic list of questions, in order to get a general idea of what strengths and weaknesses a particular practice needs to improve upon…and which areas are doing well. Without routine evaluations, how does an office know how it’s really performing? It makes sense!

Her two-part assessment includes an in-office questionnaire to help evaluate how a team is performing—both internally (within the office) and externally (among the patients). Her report gives each dental office the basic idea of its performance levels so employees can build upon the areas that need improvement.

This questionnaire is just a basic way to get an initial idea of how a practice is doing, and ways in which it can improve.

In order to get a comprehensive evaluation and treatment plan, she recommends a couple of things: one is to take some office management classes, such as her Total Team Training seminar, and another recommendation is to schedule a one-on-one consultation with a team-training professional like herself.

Such individuals will come to your office and establish a plan specifically for your practice.

What Does Your Report Card Look Like?

All practices—big and small—can benefit from this sound advice!

Settling for an average rating is impractical when there are resources to help you re-evaluate and move forward. Necessary changes can be key in moving to the top of the honor roll!

For more information, or to read this article in depth, check out the link below!


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