Don’t Let Your Dental Patients Be Miserable!

By August 20, 2013Dental Construction Blog

Is there anything worse than having your air conditioning go out in the middle of summer? How about that air conditioning going out at your business?

It is a sad fact of life that we only appreciate how valuable things are in our lives when they are gone. My favorite is the saying, “you only miss the sun when it starts to snow”.

This is why many of us do not think about our air conditioners until they quit on us. But according to all the HVAC experts I’ve ever come across in my long construction career, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

And boy is that true in the heat of an August afternoon.

Keep It Running Smooth

The dreaded maintenance of your air conditioner can be done in just a few short hours. And this same maintenance could save you a lot of money in costly repair bills.

Here is a short list I have compiled over the years to keep your air conditioner running smoothly all summer long.

Do this monthly:

  • Change the FILTER! This step is so easy it is ridiculous. A young child could do it. You have no excuse to not change the filter for your air conditioner regularly. Changing out a clogged filter will help your unit breathe better therefore run more efficiently. Can you imagine trying to breathe through a thick layer of dust? Go have a peek at what your filter looks like right now…

Do this quarterly:

  • Check and tighten belts. Tightening belts is important for ensuring proper air volume which affects the cooling capacity and refrigeration process. Making sure the belts are tight will also result in lower utility costs as the unit will operate more efficiently. If a belt breaks it will freeze up your system.

  • Clean out the drain lines and drain pans. While performing this task as a quick added benefit, run a condensate treatment. This ensures you are getting proper drainage.

Primus Dental oil lubricant - Don’t Let Your Dental Patients Be Miserable!Do this yearly:

  • Clean the coils. This does so many things for your unit. It will: keep the air coming out of it cleaner, reduce energy consumption,increase the lifespan of your unit, increase overall efficiency, and reduce repair costs. Since this is something that can be done annually you can do it in the spring or fall when it is not so hot outside as well.

  • Check electrical connections and the motor. This includes oiling and lubricating bearings which will reduce friction and prevent overheating. This also decreases energy consumption helping to keep utility bills low.

  • Check the levels of refrigerants.

These are the easy things to do yourself to keep your unit running smoothly. Most HVAC people will tell you to have the unit serviced twice a year as well. If you are doing good, regular maintenance you can usually get away with only one servicing a year.

Also, don’t ever set your thermostat below 65. This can actually cause the whole unit to freeze and lock up as well.

Don’t Let Your A/C Go Out On Your Customers

I am a business owner as well. I know how hard it can be to keep up with mundane things like maintenance, but it is so important.

If your air conditioning goes out in the middle of August your customers will most likely get up and leave. Keep your air conditioning running smoothly to keep your business running smoothly.