Increasing Hygiene Revenues Spells S-U-C-C-E-S-S

By December 5, 2013Dental Construction Blog

Primus Dental Design dentist success - Increasing Hygiene Revenues Spells S-U-C-C-E-S-SMy business is to build and design dental offices across the country. As such, I find it important to know not only my own industry’s trends, issues, and best practices but also that of my clients. So as much as I spend time researching construction safety or city neighborhood data or the newest equipment for operatories; I’m also watching the news in the dental world.

I found a great article about dentists taking advantage of all that their hygienists can do to build patient relationships and increase revenue. Since hygienists are, in a way, the front line of in-office dental care, you want them trained and ready to handle any and all situations.

As the dentist, you would of course have the final word and the ultimate knowledge for instructing a client on their treatment options, but the hygienist spends the majority of the appointment with the client. All of that face time creates the perfect opportunity to work with your clients to increase their dedication to oral health, which in turn increases your involvement in their treatment, thereby increasing patient retention and revenues.

So with that introduction, I’m going to send you over to Dr. Paul Crane at Dental Economics. He discusses the importance of the hygiene unit and how it can increase revenue for your practice.