With a Little Help from My Friends!

By August 14, 2014Dental Construction Blog

Wouldn’t it be great if we lived in a world filled with people who jumped at the first opportunity to help anyone in need?

Primus Dental Design Humanitarian Work 300x225 - With a Little Help from My Friends!

While catching up on some reading, I came across an inspiring article in Aesthetic Dentistry written by Amie Jane Leavitt. She spoke about the humanitarian work being performed in Guatemala by the many doctors and dentists who devote their time (usually about a week) and services (bringing in portable equipment and supplies) to the 53 percent of Guatemalans who live below the poverty line.

Humanitarian work is so important, and what better way to show your clients how supportive and caring you are as a dental provider?
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What Will You Do to Help?

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Primus Dental Design Dr Rich Call LeeAnn Call humanitarian work 300x225 - With a Little Help from My Friends!

If you want to, take the time to read this article more in depth. Then ask yourself, “Am I doing enough? What can I do to help?”


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