How Do Your Patients Find You Online?

By August 20, 2014Dental Construction Blog

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m big into marketing. Marketing your practice is crucial to the success of your business. As the company that builds your business, I want your practice to succeed!

I stumbled upon this great article about the keywords most often searched for by patients looking for dental services online. Some of these surprised me (some of them didn’t!), but all of them are worth checking out!

This report is generated by FAIR Health. There is even a breakdown of what people searched for last year as compared to this year.

Primus Dental Design Most searched services - How Do Your Patients Find You Online?

Why Do I Need Online Marketing, Anyway?

Let’s face it: our world has gone digital. Most of your patients probably know more about your practice than you do before they even walk through the door, because they checked it out online!

Make sure you have a strong web presence that says what you want it to say. And if you don’t feel tech savvy enough to do it yourself, hire a good SEO company. Trust me—it’ll make a big difference!


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