Pediatric Dentist Designs that Kids will Love

By November 6, 2013Dental Construction Blog
EASTERN IOWA PERIODONTICS 10 - Pediatric Dentist Designs that Kids will Love

DMCD15 - Pediatric Dentist Designs that Kids will LoveThis was a great project to work on with Dr. Jack Warrington and Dr. Rachael Revell.  They are a husband and wife team of pediatric dentists in West Des Moines, Iowa who recently opened Des Moines Children’s Dentistry.

Jack and Rachael grew up in Iowa and went to school at the University of Iowa College of Dentistry. They lived in Texas where they did their residences and are now returning to their home state of Iowa.

This was a fun project from start to finish. And because it was for a pediatric dental office, we were able to do some unconventional work.

lighting collage - Pediatric Dentist Designs that Kids will LoveThe Design

Many of our projects are traditional. But I must admit, it was fun to do something a little different for these new pediatric dentists.

We worked for about 9 months before beginning construction doing demographic and location research. After considering many options we picked a growing, successful community in the Des Moines metro area for their practice to set up shop.

Right from the start they made it clear they wanted something different and contemporary. We focused on bringing bright colors and fun shapes into the space as much as possible. These designs really play to the children and youth who will be their patients.

We hope that this will give their office a pleasant, fun, and friendly atmosphere. And we left some room for growth inside their office footprint. Best of luck to you, Jack and Rachael!

Making children feel at ease at the dentist

DMCD11 300x225 - Pediatric Dentist Designs that Kids will LoveChildren are very aware of their surroundings. They can tell immediately if they are in a fun environment or a boring one. Using design, you can encourage the children who come in to your office to feel like they are going to be having a good time there before anything ever happens.

Not only do bright colors and interesting shapes appeal to children and make them feel like they are in a fun place, but recognizable images, objects, and toys will serve you well in putting them at ease. The balls, large crayons, and play house at the Des Moines pediatric office will distract the kids while they wait. And the exam room itself maintains the upbeat atmosphere, simply with less clutter.

This will get the kids into your exam room, but what about once they are there? Try to keep things funny. Tell them to show you their goofiest smile. Look for “sugar bugs” on their teeth (as per Dr. Berg of Seattle’s Children’s Hospital). And stay positive as you talk about strong, healthy teeth.

Above all, stay flexible. Kids will fuss, they will cry, and they will act out. As a dentist, it is your job to do what you can for them so their care is achieved, but be flexible enough to know when to wait out a tantrum or reschedule for next week. Keeping calm will send the impression that visiting the dentist is no big deal. Which it isn’t!

Primus Dental Solutions has the solution to your dental office needs, whether it’s designing your space or buying land and building an office. In any and every situation, we work to create just the right atmosphere so your clients truly have a good experience there.