How to: Rebrand for your Dental Office Remodel, Part Two

How do you start the rebranding process?

1. Determine your ideal client.

Let me start by saying that your ideal client will definitely not be the only clients you get. And that’s a good thing! Figuring out your target market just helps you focus your branding scheme.

Start by looking at why your current patients come to you. What sort of services or communications do they especially identify with you and your office?

Also, think about what cases you enjoy working on the most. Then your branding can revolve around that demographic or specialty.

Graphic Designer 199x300 - How to: Rebrand for your Dental Office Remodel, Part Two2. Hire an experienced graphic designer.

I’m sorry, but your best friend’s teenage son who really likes drawing definitely isn’t the best option for something like this. There are a lot of people who are good at art, but finding a graphic designer that is experienced in branding is essential.

They will be able to think about how each aspect of your brand will fit together and how it will appear to the client.

3. Be consistent.

Your branding should permeate every aspect of your business. From your paper goods to how you interact with clients to the sign on your door, clients should get the same impression of you. Every interaction that you and your practice has with a patient, or future patient, makes a difference.

file0001780228633 300x224 - How to: Rebrand for your Dental Office Remodel, Part Two4. Be a great dentist!

Obviously, your branding can only carry you so far. Your skills and abilities as a dentist are what will keep people coming back.

If you are expanding your office, you are probably doing exceptional work. Don’t stop! Continuous learning and training for you and your staff will make your practice stand out.


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