How To: Rebrand for your Remodel, Part One

By February 27, 2014Dental Construction Blog

primus dental design effective branding 300x300 - How To: Rebrand for your Remodel, Part One

As you may know, along with dental design and construction, I am passionate about marketing. It is so important to know how to market your business to attract clients!

Earlier this month, I talked about how Primus can help you keep your practice open during expansion construction. Today, I want to talk about how you can use this exciting time of growth as a launch pad for a rebrand.

Sometimes, the older part of your office will end up looking outdated compared to the newer addition. This may lead to a total refurbishing overhaul of your office.

If that’s the case, this might be a great time to rebrand your dental office.

What is Branding?

As a dentist, you may not know marketing and designer jargon, so let me fill you in. The Tronvig Group describes branding as “… the expression of the essential truth or value of an organization, product, or service.”

Branding shows your customers what you are all about and gives them something to connect with emotionally.

Examples of Branding

To give you an idea of what I mean, let’s think of some companies with very distinct branding.

primus dental design branding your dental practice - How To: Rebrand for your Remodel, Part One

1. Apple

You see this apple and you don’t think about the fruit – you think about computers, iPhones, iPads, etc. You think of cleanly designed high-quality technology.

primus dental design branding your dental business 300x298 - How To: Rebrand for your Remodel, Part One

2. Starbucks

Again, you aren’t thinking “Who is this weird, green mermaid?” You are thinking of the biggest coffeehouse company in the world! You are maybe even imagining yourself in a comfy chair drinking a delicious mocha.

Branding your Dentist Office

Now, I don’t necessarily expect you to become the biggest dentist office in the world, but I do think you can become the most well-known in your area! And the best way to do this is through effective branding.

You may think that branding isn’t so important for a small dental office. Actually, it can make a huge difference!

Why is Branding important?

1. Attract your ideal clients.

With effective branding, you can appeal to the types of cases you most enjoy working on. For instance, a contemporary, modern branding scheme will bring in different clientele than a more classic design. So, whether you are more interested in working with younger clients or with retirees, your branding can help you attract your target demographic.

2. Differentiate yourself from your competition.

When someone is looking for a new dentist, one way they might search for one is through online search engines. In reality, for an average client, most dentists will look the same in regards to services. You need to find a way to stand out to your potential clients.

A great branding scheme will give you a competitive advantage. It will help people get to know you and your practice before they even meet you. This alone can be enough to give them loyalty to your business!

3. Stand out and get referrals.

When people love a brand, they LOVE the brand. Consider Starbucks again. There are many people who won’t order coffee from any other coffee shop because they are so loyal to the Starbucks brand.

Why can’t your dental practice be the same? Give your business a boost by building brand loyalty. This will also give you more referrals from those clients that have emotional ties to your practice’s success! They will refer their friends and neighbors to you – a.k.a. free marketing!

Next month, I’ll talk more about how to rebrand. If you don’t currently have a cohesive brand, I hope you’ll seriously consider it! Just think of all the ways that your company will grow!


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