Start a Grassroots Green Initiative

By October 21, 2014Dental Construction Blog

Whether you are starting a new practice or rethinking your current way of doing business, a green practice is always a responsible choice.  I’ve made a quick list of things big and small that you can implement at any degree that you choose.

Thinking Big

I found some great tips on taking your practice to the greenest level. Some are far more expensive than others. Let’s talk about the big-ticket items first.

In-office labs are far more convenient for your patients, and they significantly reduce greenhouse gases, as there is no transportation involved.

Digital imaging means instant availability of information for your patient, and it means eliminating toxic x-ray fixer solutions and lead foils.

Steam sterilization is time efficient and reliable. It also eliminates hazardous waste and allows for reusable sterilization wraps.

Paperless charting not only saves paper but also saves time in transcribing and gives your patients faster access to records.

Primus Dental Design Go Green 300x225 - Start a Grassroots Green Initiative

Things You Can Do Right Away

Use cotton towels instead of disposable bibs. Less waste!

Recycle. You can start small with things like printer paper and junk mail and move toward separating out your trash for glass, aluminum, and paper products. The trick is to keep it simple.

Stainless steel prophy cups and tubes are a great way to go—they also allow you to better control your portions.

Get creative with your green initiative. What’s most important is that whatever your plan, make it a doable and sustainable thing. In doing so, going green becomes a habit rather than a chore.


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