Subcontractor Quality Assurance

file000856811667 225x300 - Subcontractor Quality AssuranceAt Primus Dental Design & Construction, we work with a lot of subcontractors and suppliers for the construction of dental offices. While we supervise and manage their work very closely, we still make sure that the companies we are bringing on board are the best fit for the projects we take on.

What does Primus do?

While we use subcontractors for the majority of the large construction work building your new dental office, Primus does all of the architecture, interior design, project management and supervision. We also take care of finish carpentry including the installation of doors, door frames, cabinets, countertops, trim, hardware, and more.

Finding the Right Contractor for You

We have a fairly elaborate process and certain specifications that contractors have to meet to qualify for our projects. Once we have drawn up plans, we put them out to bid for as many qualified subcontractors and suppliers as possible.

It is our belief that there is value to the doctor in letting local contractors have a chance to work on projects and are open to suggestions from our doctors if they have preferred people or companies. Regardless of where the referral comes from, all companies must be up to our specific set of standards to work on these projects to ensure quality work.

What does that mean for you?

Primus ensures that we only use the best subcontractors for our projects. This means you will never have someone using your office as a guinea pig for learning how to do something.

Because the electrical work, plumbing, and heating and cooling systems in dental offices are much more complex than in residential and most office construction projects, it’s important to get the right people for the job. So when we begin the construction phase of a project, we make sure that the people involved either have dental office experience, or they are experienced and talented enough to make up the difference.

Remember: Working with the right team can make or break a project. Primus only works with those whom are qualified, ensuring that your future office is everything you had hoped it would be!


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