Is Your Waiting Room Ruining Your Marketing Plan?

By October 30, 2014Dental Construction Blog

Waiting rooms can be awful places for patients. No one likes to wait, and doctors and dentists are notorious for making people wait…at least from a patient’s perspective.

But what does your waiting room have to do with your marketing strategy?

Primus Dental Design Gehring Waiting Room 300x225 - Is Your Waiting Room Ruining Your Marketing Plan?

You Know What They Say about First Impressions

Imagine your patients are sitting in your waiting room for more than twenty minutes, fumbling with their phones, watching the clock, and thinking up ways to phrase their Yelp writeups of your practice.

Are they looking around at a dingy paint job and plastic chairs? Or is the space open and welcoming?

What do you want your patients’ first impression of you to be? Of your office? Your staff?

Word of Mouth

Designing your reception area can be a daunting task, and one that we would love to help you with. Just keep in mind one important thing:

How do you want your patients to feel?

The answer to that is usually “calm and relaxed,” right? Some of the offices I’ve built or remodeled go for soothing color schemes and flat screen TVs…maybe extra outlets for recharging phones.

Remember, you are welcoming people, sometimes strangers, into your “home,” and you want them all to walk away recommending your services to everyone they know.

That’s the best marketing strategy there is!



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